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Citizenship cup nominations

Respect – Term 1

07.09.18 Respect

Isla T for respecting our world and looking after the plants in it (winner)

Tom S for looking after acorns and respecting nature

Katie S for modelling respect to our new reception children

Respect – Term 2

19.10.2018 Respect

Winner = Isla F – (Miss Bateman nomination) stopped other children from walking through the door when Miss Bateman was waiting and told them to show respect and wait for teachers.

Other nominations:

Luke C – respect the environment in the playground

Solomon – respect feelings, looking after others who are hurt in playground

Jessica S – helping younger children (showing how to behave and be respectful)

Jessica H – rescued a worm! (respect the environment)

Bethany – cares for nature Dexter – respecting class 1 pupil, played with and looked after at break time