Class Teacher: Mrs P Tilley

What a successful term this has been!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ topic through which we have learned about Bonfire Night celebrations, Diwali and the different ways in which we all celebrate Christmas. In between learning about these festivities, we also celebrated Autumn and the wonderful changes we observed around us at this time.
The highlights of the term have been creating a fire to make hot chocolate and taking part in our first Marshfield Nativity performance! We had a great time singing to you all and can’t wait to do it again next year!!

This term we have begun to apply our phonics knowledge to reading and writing and we’re really getting the hang of reading words and sentences as well as beginning to write for different purposes. Our maths learning as focused on patterns and shapes. We can name lots of 2D and 3D shapes and can use mathematical terms to talk about their properties.

Miss Ellis has been a great addition to our class this term and has been leading much of the learning that has been taking place. Next term she will be at a different school placement but we look forward to her return in February when she will stay with us until the end of the year.

Next term, as many of the class are keen dinosaur enthusiasts, our topic will be ‘Dinosaur Galore!’ We will be learning some amazing dinosaur facts alongside other dino-themed activities.

We will be continuing with our phonics in the new year by learning some more complicated sounds and start to apply these to our reading and writing. Our maths focus will be on number and calculations where we will be consolidating our number knowledge and using them to solve problems.

Sorting Materials and Learning about Recycling

Shrove Tuesday

Miró Class have celebrated Shrove Tuesday with some pancakes (egg free and dairy free for some!)

Dinosaur Hunt

Miro’s ICT lesson included a touch of dinosaur hunting this afternoon!

Dinosaur Biscuits

Miró Class made some dinosaur biscuits!

World Book Day

Miró Class are enjoying the start of our World Book Day.

Borrowing Books

Miró Class enjoyed borrowing books from our library. An extra book to share at home each week!


Into the Woods

Miro had a great trip to the woods



Miró Class explored the big climbing frame during this week’s gymnastics lesson!

iPad Stories

Miro are making their own stories on the iPads!

Miro, Children and Children’s Work 2018-19

Take a look at our artwork, our work and sometimes even us! Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.