Class Teacher: Mrs Lewis / Mrs Hughes

Term 1

Title: Wild Things

As design technologists, we will research, design, make and evaluate our own animal hand puppets

As artists, we will be developing our drawing skills by exploring line and texture. When paining, we will be able to respond to & relate our own images to those of artists whose work shows a focus on shape and colour.

As musicians, we will develop our understanding of the potential of percussion instruments to accompany a song.

Term 2

Title: Shiver Me Timbers

As historians we will be investigating how places have changed over time. We will be finding out about significant events that changed the past including Sir Frances Drakes adventures and the Spanish Armada.

As geographers we will use maps to investigate the world’s continents and oceans. We will use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to and describe key physical and human features of locations. We will use compass directions to locate features & identify routes on a map.

As artists we will explore a range of painting techniques.