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Welcome to Marshfield Primary School

It is a great pleasure to introduce you to Marshfield CE VC Primary School. This website is intended to give you insights into the life and work of the school. Our aim is to provide a secure, caring and happy environment in which children are engaged and challenged. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the school, then do come and see us and experience at first hand what Marshfield Primary has to offer.

Vision, Aims and Values
Our Curriculum

Weekly Citizenship Cup Nominations

13.4.18 Wisdom

Liam (winner) – for using wisdom to help others in making the right choices at lunch time.

Nathan – for knowing when to help others at playtime.

Tonjis – for using wisdom to walk away from a bad situation 

Ethan – for being wise to react the right way during an argument.

Dexter – for being confident to share his Autism with the class during Autism Awareness Week 

20.4.18 Wisdom

Mrs Tilley – Hannibal for trying to make good choices at break time this week, wise choices (Winner)

Meg – Clara for trying to sort out a falling out at break time

Tommy – Jack for applying wisdom in SATs papers

Luca – Teachers for sorting out audiobook parts & making wise choices

Felicity – William E helped her ride a bike, used wisdom to teach

27.4.18 Wisdom

Lottie- listening to advice and putting it into place in her SATS tests

Elspeth- knowing someone was upset and knowing how to help

Nathan- seeks advice when someone is upset

Charlotte- learning her production part straight away instead of waiting 

Isla F – Miss Dark for helping children

04.5.18 Wisdom

Lottie- At guides she was trying to light a match and used her wisdom to help her

Ethan- using wisdom to improve test score

Charlotte- using wisdom to make a good choice 

Katie- using wisdom to sort out a disagreement and solve the problem 

Harry- wise decisions choosing a good game that doesn’t hurt anyone 

18.5.18 Wisdom

Elise-using her wisdom to ask good questions 

Ellie- using her wisdom to help others play nicely (Winner)

Tonijs- only eating what he needed and leaving others food

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