Fruit Bats

Class Teacher: Mrs P Tilley

Term 2 Areas of Learning

Title: Fire, Fire Burning Bright

During term 2 we will be developing our skills as:

As Historians we will study a national event beyond living memory and use a range of sources to learn about the past.

As Scientists we will observe seasonal change and describe the weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.

As Geographers we will name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas.

As artists, we will respond to different starting points and use a combination of materials to create collages and master techniques.

As writers, we will use a range of stories and non-fiction texts to inspire our own narratives, as well as creating our own instructions and poetry.

Term 1 Areas of Learning

During term 1 we will be developing our skills as:

As Geographers we will use simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the school and its surrounding environment.

As scientists, we will be exploring everyday materials and their properties.

As artists, we will be exploring malleable materials and sculpting using clay.

As writers, we will use a range of stories to inspire our own narratives, as well as creating our own recounts and poetry.

September 2019

End of Term 1

What a fantastic first term we’ve had! We have, for the first time, combined Reception and Year 1 and it has been wonderfully successful! Our Reception pupils have settled in brilliantly, with the Year 1 children offering lots of support and guidance in the first few weeks of school as well as making lots of progress themselves in many areas of the curriculum.

Our first topic has been ‘Me in My World’ where the children have developed an understanding of the school and its local environment. We have learned about human and physical features and which features can be found around our school. This learning has been extended by the children to develop an awareness of the wider world through the study of maps, locating countries and drawings different flags from a range of countries.

We have been enjoying our phonics learning with the Reception children learning the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. They have started to use these sounds to read and write simple words. The Year 1 children have learned many alternative sounds to those they learned last year and are using them to spell words with increasing accuracy. The Year 1 writing focus this term has been on narrative, recounts and poetry. They have produced some wonderful written pieces and are very proud of the progress they have made in their writing in just a few weeks!

Our maths focus this term has been on number. The Reception children have been developing their understanding of number to 10 and 20 with lots of fun and practical games and activities. The Year 1 pupils have also been developing their awareness of numbers to 10 and 20 through place value, addition, subtraction and number bonds. They have used these skills to solve more complex reasoning and problem solving activities as well as recalling number bonds with increasing speed and accuracy.

We are looking forward to a well-deserved break but are equally as excited to return next term when our topic will be ‘Fire, Fire Burning Bright’ where we will be learning about Bonfire Night and The Great Fire of London. We will also be observing the changes around us during autumn as well as getting ready for our nativity performance in December!