SEND and Inclusion

The school’s Inclusion policy defines in detail the identification, assessment, and provision for special educational needs according to the SEN Code of Practice. More information can be found in the school’s SEN Information Report. Parents will be kept fully informed of any difficulties that their children may be experiencing, and teachers will work co-operatively with parents and help children to make the best possible progress. The school has an Inclusion Policy and Disability Equality Scheme which outlines its commitment to inclusion for all members of the school and community.

The changes in the Children and Families Bill affect the way children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are supported in schools. The new approach began in September 2014 and places pupils at the centre of planning. The key principles of the new legislation are:

  • Young people and their families should be involved in discussions about the support they need, so they can share their knowledge and feed back to the school on the young person’s progress.
  • Education, health and care plans (EHCP) are replacing statements of special educational needs. New assessments for additional educational needs will follow the EHCP guidelines (Existing statements will remain in force until all children and young people have completed the transition, which will be within three years).
  • School Action and School Action Plus will cease and be replaced by a single school-based category for children who need extra specialist support.

Marshfield CE VC Primary School is well placed to adopt these changes and looks forward to working with pupils and parents/carers to ensure fully inclusive access to our education.

Our School SEN Information Report

Marshfield CE VC Primary School is committed to providing a happy, secure and stimulating environment that is accessible to all, where children are motivated to learn, are valued as individuals and enriched by an experience that will enable them to thrive in tomorrow’s world. We strive to enable all children to fully achieve their potential at school by supporting them through their learning journey. Quality teaching is vital; however for some children there are occasions when further additional support may be needed to help them make expected progress and achieve their targets.

Some children need increased support to access learning because:

  1. they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age;
  2. they have a disability as defined under the Equality Act, which affects their ability to access and benefit from the educational opportunities generally enjoyed by children of the same age.

We will try to ensure that all barriers to equal access in our school are removed or overcome. We monitor and track the progress of all children so that the support provided is as effective as possible. We welcome the full engagement of parents and carers and where necessary seek support and advice from specialists outside school to ensure we develop and maintain a range of flexible resources to meet the needs of all children.

The focus on Christian values and their significant contribution to teaching in action, and the impact that this has on pupils’ learning, self-esteem and personal development, are striking features of Marshfield VC Primary School. (SIAMS inspection report)

More Able Pupils

The school believes that every child should have the right personalised support to reach the limits of their capability. We aim to provide all children with an education that is suited to their particular needs and abilities by presenting them with work that challenges, stretches and excites them on a daily basis in an environment that celebrates and supports excellence.

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator is Mrs Phillippa Tilley. She is aided by the SEN Governor Mrs Clare Webb. They support the class teachers to provide appropriate learning for children who are judged to have Special Educational Needs or Disability.

All groups of pupils, including those who are disabled, those who have special educational needs, those known to be eligible for free school meals and those receiving additional funding through the pupil premium achieve well. (Ofsted inspection report)

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SEN Information Report 2020-2021

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Paper copies of all documents are available from the school office.

South Glos Parents and Carers

A supportive community for parents and carers of children 0-25 with additional needs or disabilities.