School Council

Two people have been elected from each class for the school council, a group of people that work to make the school a better place.

The school council have already come up with lots of ideas, including bringing back wake and shake, an activity in the morning, this will get everyone ready for the rest of the day. Also, another idea is to organise book swaps and have a ‘Book at Breaktime’ opportunity to enhance reading in our school. Something else that we decided is to make a rota of which key-stages will be able to play football. We think that these ideas will improve the school, and make it a more vivacious place.

We have been asking some people for their ideas to speak about in our meetings. We enjoy working for the school council as it is a good opportunity to help the school. We are going to make a suggestion box where you can put your suggestions on how to improve our school.

As you can see, the school council has made an extremely brilliant start, and if you have any suggestions, please ask the reps in your class.