Class Teacher: Miss Thomas

During term 1, our theme will be China!

As historians, we will learn all about life during the Shang dynasty.

As geographers, we will use maps and our knowledge of lines of longitude, latitude and the equator to locate China on the world map.

As geographer, we will learn about the different climate zones and biomes in China.

As artists, we will take inspiration from traditional Chinese art to design and make our own prints.

As designers, we will design, make and evaluate our own food product inspired by Chinese food.

During term 2, our theme will be Natural Disasters

As geographers, we will study volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We will learn about what causes them and how people are affected by them.

As scientists, we will explore properties and changes of materials and we will study reversible and irreversible reactions.

As writers, we will read fascinating tales about those who have survived natural disasters from the gripping anthology, ‘Survivors’.

During term 5, our theme will be Crime and Punishment

As historians, we will investigate how crime and punishment has changed all the way from Ancient Rome to World War II.
As artists, we will explore and take inspiration from artists such as Henri Matisse, Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol to create our own collages.
As geographers, we will investigate time zones.