Snow Leopards

Class Teacher: Mrs Lewis and Mrs Hughes

Term 4 Areas of Learning – A Taste of the Tudors

As historians, we will find out about significant people in the past, including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I . We will use evidence to ask questions and find answers to questions about the past. We will place events, artefacts and historical figures on a time line using dates. We will discover why this period of History is so significant.

As geographers, we will look at maps of London in the past and make comparisons to London in the present. We will investigate the route of the Spanish Armada.

As artists, we will look at various portraits of significant people in the past and use these to inform our own masterpieces. We will take inspiration from famous artists. including Hans Holbein and Pablo Picasso.

Term 3 Areas of Learning – Humans V Robots

As design technologists, we will research, design, make and evaluate our own robots

As artists, we will be developing our drawing skills by looking closely at the natural environment. Using viewfinders we will select & analyse visual elements.

We will take inspiration from the artist Eric Joyner to extend our painting skills

As musicians, we will develop our understanding of the potential of percussion instruments

Term 2 Areas of Learning

As historians we will learn how materials/substances have been combined in the past for medicinal purposes and explore the work of key historical figures such as Marie Curie.

Apothecary workshop

As design technologists, we will research, design, make and evaluate our own kitchen creations; making links to how the materials are changing as they are both heated and cooled.

Remembrance WW1

Early Islamic Civilisation

End of Term 2

Wow, congratulations Snow Leopards, another successful term done! It’s been full of fun – from finding out about Spinifex and his madness in ‘The Last alchemist’ to using our science understanding about states of matter to support our DT skills. We hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas treats!

Next term, science will be the main focus of our new theme ‘Humans v Robots’. As part of this learning, we will be exploring forces, with an emphasis on magnets and extending our electricity understanding through creating various circuits. Linked to this, we will be building on our DT skills by designing, making and evaluating our very own robots. The artist Eric Joyner will provide the inspiration for our designs. Also in art, we will be developing our drawing and collage techniques. Watch this space for our creations! Our class text will be ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Not only does this link to our theme, it is a high quality text that will provide us with a wide range of opportunities to enhance our writing skills, including narrative, diaries, debates and instructions. In IT, we will be making choices about how data could be presented to suit purpose.

In maths, alongside our continuing place value learning, we will focussing on statistics and measure, with an emphasis on converting time, lengths and money. Our times tables are a priority therefore we will be going over these daily. Especially as we will be having a year 4 multiplication table check in the summer (please see separate letter about upcoming meeting to share information about this).

We will incorporate both our gymnastic and dance skills to create an exciting PE performance.

Mr Buckle, who is a Bath Spa Student, has been welcomed into Snow Leopards. He will be taking responsibility for some of the teaching from January and will remain with us until mid-March.

Please remember to add Wednesday 5th February between 9:00 – 11:30 to your diary as this is the Snow Leopards ‘family day’. This is a great opportunity to be part of the children’s learning – we look forward to sharing our skills together.

Term 1 Areas of Learning

As historians we will learn about the rise of the Ancient Greek Civilization and the epic battle between Athens and Sparta. We will develop our understanding of chronology and sequence the key events that took place during this period. We will explore Ancient Greek Myths during our English lessons and use these stories to inspire our own creative writing. We will also learn about the Ancient Greek Olympics and we will enjoy hosting our own Olympic Games!

As geographers we will investigate the location of Greece in relation to our own locality and the similarities and differences in relation to climate and landscape.

As artists we will sculpt our own 3D pottery using a range of new skills for manipulating and modelling clay. We will look at designs/themes that are painted on the pots and use this as a starting point for our own interpretations. We will also explore mosaics.

End of Term 1

Firstly, I want to say how impressed we’ve been with how well the Snow Leopards have settled into year 4; it’s been a fantastic start for us all and has put us in a super position for the rest of the year.

As our ‘Simply the Quest’ theme draws to an end, we have enjoyed reflecting on all that we have been learning since September. A few highlights for us have been: sharing the interesting myths, making Greek pots and finding out the Olympic competitors in Ancient Greece used to wear no clothes!

Thinking forward to term 2, we are excited to reveal our new theme, which is based around states of matter aptly named ‘Potion Commotion’. As part of this, we will carry out numerous exciting scientific experiments with a focus on materials and how they can be changed, combined and separated. We will also be spending plenty of time in the school kitchen, exploring changes in materials through practical cooking activities to enhance both our science and DT learning.

We will find out about how materials have been combined in the past for medicinal purposes, and the impact these scientific discoveries have had on our lives today. To support this, we also have a special workshop presented by a leader from the Winterbourne Medieval Barn.

Linked to our theme, our new class text will be ‘The Last Alchemist’, which we will use to develop our reading and writing skills. We will continue to build on our application of various sentences, such as complex sentences, plus focus on including appropriate punctuation and figurative language through writing narratives, poems and diaries. In maths, we will be applying our measuring skills and developing our fractions understanding.

Our PE lessons should take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, but please make sure PE kits are in school at all times as this may change.

Could I also take this opportunity to thank everyone for the effort they put into the home learning this term, it was lovely watching the children shine when sharing their achievements with others. Here’s to an exciting new term!

Snow leopards have been developing their art skills by creating coiled pots (Greek vases)