Sea Turtles

Class Teacher: Mr T Looker-Jones

Our topic for term 1 is ‘Roman Invasion’.

We will be learning all about the spread of the Roman Empire and how this impacted upon life in Britain.

As historians, we will be asking questions including:

  • What was life like in Ancient Rome?
  • Who did the Romans worship?
  • How did the politics and governance of Rome change over time?
  • Why was the Roman army so successful?
  • Where did the Romans conquer?
  • Who was Julius Caesar?
  • Why did Caesar’s invasion of Britain fail?
  • And why did Claudius’ succeed?
  • Who was Boudicca?
  • What is the Romans’ legacy in Britain?

As geographers, we will be investigating:

  • How did the Roman Empire develop?
  • How do maps of the Roman Empire compare with modern-day maps of Europe?
  • How does Italy’s climate differ to Britain’s?
  • What diversity is there in British and Italian biomes?

As artists, we will be experimenting with:

  • Multi-media collage
  • Drawing, with a focus on tone
  • Mosaic