Sea Turtles

Class Teacher: Mr T Looker-Jones

Our topic for term 5 is ‘WW2’

Our topic for term 5 is all about life during WWII. As historians, we will answer the following questions:

  • Why did World War II begin?
  • Was WWII a surprise?
  • Which countries in the world were involved?
  • How was Europe different prior to WWII and how has it changed since?
  • What do the terms ‘allies’ and ‘axes’ mean?
  • Why was the Nazi party so successful in Germany?
  • What was ‘the holocaust’?
  • What is propaganda and how/why was it used during WWII?
  • What was rationing and how did it affect people?
  • What happened to children living in cities?
  • What was ‘The Blitz’?
  • Why do we still celebrate, ‘D Day’, ‘VE Day’ and ‘VJ Day’?

Our topic for term 1 is ‘Mysterious Maya!’

As historians, we will be exploring the civilization of the Maya people c. AD 900 as an example of a non-European society that provides contrast with British history. We will be comparing Maya chronology with European history, investigating the Maya’s religion and social structure, reflecting upon the many achievements of this sophisticated people (including their language, number system and calendar) and finding out how life changed with the coming of the Spanish conquistadors. Furthermore, we will be learning about primary sources and discussing how historians build realistic pictures of the past.

As geographers, we will be using atlases and online maps to locate the countries of North and South America and in particular those modern day countries of Central America in which the Maya lived and still live. Additionally, we will be describing key aspects of the climate of Mesoamerica and learning how the Maya produced food and with whom they traded.

As scientists, we will be studying evolution and inheritance. We will look at Darwin’s theories from his voyages around the world including natural selection. We will also look at how offspring inherit characteristics from both their parents.