Emergency Closure

It is our policy to remain open if at all possible in the event of bad weather; however, there are occasions when it may become necessary to close the school. If a decision is made to close at the beginning of the day, a notice will be posted at the school gate, on the school website and parents will be informed via the school’s text messaging service. Local radio will also be informed before 7am. We would ask that you tune into the radio if you are unsure whether the school will be open as it causes us difficulties if the telephone line is jammed. Should it be necessary to allow children home early we would always do our best to inform parents. The school will use our text messaging service to contact parents so please make sure that the school has up to date mobile numbers as well as a home or contact number, and an alternative emergency number. Children will never be sent home on their own, parents or contacts will always be telephoned if the children need collecting. At all times, our main concern is for the safety and well being of the children.

Closing the school before the beginning of a school day:-

  • Text message to all parents via ‘Teachers to Parents’ service informing them of decision to close.
  • Published on this website as soon as possible
  • BBC Radio Bristol

Sending children home safely during the day if the weather deteriorates or if there is any other emergency.

Please ensure our contact information is up to date so that we can:-

  • Contact you or send your child home with a named adult who will care for them until you return.
  • Contact you or one of your child’s emergency contacts, to collect your child from school.