The responsibility for the strategic management of the school is shared between the Headteacher and the Governors.

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Governing bodies have a range of duties and powers including:

  • helping to establish, with the Headteacher, the aims and policies of the school
  • advising on spending the school budget
  • ensuring that the National Curriculum and Religious Education are provided
  • appointing, promoting, supporting and disciplining staff
  • providing outside advice acting as a link between the local community and the school

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets six times a year. There are 2 sub committees which meet 6 times a year before the FGB to discuss the curriculum, progress and achievement of pupils, health and safety, the school budget, premises and staffing.

Name Status
Mrs J Bolt Headteacher
Dr D Spence Co-opted
Reverend S Wheeler Foundation
Dr R Hardy Foundation
Mr P White Foundation
Mrs J Lewis Co-opted
Mr T Kerr Local Authority (LA)
Mr A Witts Co-opted
Ms J Lewis Staff
Mrs M Craig Parent
Mr B Palmer Parent
Mrs C Webb Parent (Chair)
Mr S Jefferys Parent
Mrs M Williams Clerk to the Governors


Governors are normally elected or appointed for a period of four years.

The categories of governor are:

  • A parent governor is a representative or typical parent, not a representative of the parents.  They will normally be a parent with a child at the school and have been elected by the parents of children at the school.
  • A staff governor is a representative or typical member of staff but not a representative of the staff.  All staff at a school are eligible for election as a staff governor by fellow members of staff.
  •  An LA Governor is appointed by South Gloucestershire Council.  By agreement between the political parties represented on South Gloucestershire Council, the LA governor positions on governing bodies are nominated in proportion to the votes cast in the local area.  However, if a political party responsible for making a nomination to a governing body is unable to do so within 3 months, there is an agreement that governing bodies themselves may put forward a nomination for approval by the relevant political party.  Although political parties in South Gloucestershire take an active role in nominating LEA governors in this way, LA governors are not expected to bring political views to the governing body.
  • A co-opted governor is a member of the local community who has been appointed by the Governing Body itself.  They may well have business, financial or legal knowledge and skills that will be useful to the governing body.  If you wish to become a co-opted governor at your local school, write to the Clerk to the Governors c/o your local school and offer your services.  It would be useful to include a CV with your letter so that the governing body can see what skills you have to offer.
  • As a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School, a foundation governor is appointed by the church.

Governing Body Register of Interests

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