Vision, Aims and Values


At Marshfield Primary School we are constantly striving for excellence in all that we do by setting high expectations and working together as a school community to provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment where children are motivated to learn, are valued as individuals and enriched by an experience that enables them to thrive in tomorrow’s world.


We are striving for excellence by:

  • Having high but realistic expectations
  • Positive attitudes and role models
  • Promoting a balance between academic and personal development
  • Valuing each other as individuals
  • Being motivated to learn
  • Dealing with conflict in a reconciling manner
  • Providing a learning experience that is accessible to all
  • Providing an enriched and stimulating environment in which all can thrive.
  • Promoting safe and healthy practices.
  • Including the wider community


Our vision and aims are based on Christian values that are central to the whole school community.

Golden Rules

In school these guiding principles are translated into practice through our Golden Rules, which are our daily touchstones to help us develop and reinforce our values and beliefs.


Be gentle and caring

Be kind and helpful

Be honest with each other

Work hard

Look after property

Listen to people and respect their views

Our school prayer is central to our vision, aims and values:


This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let the room be full of contentment

Let love abide here

Love of God

Love of one another

And love of life itself.

And let us remember

That as many hands build a house

So many hearts make a school.