Children and Curriculum


Due to the size of the school catchment, we only have six classrooms for seven year groups. This year the classes are organised into a Foundation stage/year 1, year 1/2, year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6. This means that at some point your child will spend two years in the same classroom.

In line with the school policy on class organisation, age will be the only criterion that we will use to split the year groups, although we always look very carefully at where we split the classes to ensure that there is, as far as possible, an equal gender split. We believe that age is the fairest criterion because all other criteria involve subjective judgements. Ability and friendship may change, a child’s date of birth does not. There is nothing more damaging for a child’s self esteem than to think that they are not going to the next class because they are not clever enough.